Questions about search listing orders and title description.

Hi all,
Just a few questions about how things work here regarding items for sale on gf. I always do a search of current prices and try to be lowest since I’m new, but when I search the Exact title for my item its always burried even though it’s the lowest price of that item.

I tried to search by relevance (worst), most recent ( little better but still way down the list), and lowest price which I should be at the top since my item is the lowest price, but for some reason it isn’t and listings above mine aren’t even what I’m searching for.

I have checked sold items and exact items I have listed have sold for several dollars more after I had posted my listing. Example I have a Fallout 76 Xbox BE 3* shotgun on sale for $3 less than others have sold for while it’s been listed and yet no sale, makes no sense.

Last question is title description length. I see there is a supposed limit of 24 characters yet I have seen listing with titles longer than that. How is that being done as some weapons/armor have long names and abbreviations don’t work well in search.

I’m not trying to make a killing here just sell/trade my extra stuff to buy new stuff in-game here.

Thanks for your time and help.

Another more specific listing I had was for a fixer plan, I had it on sale for $4 1 dollar less than the next fixer plan, I listed it the same way all others were and with 1 day delivery.

9 fixer plans sold before my listing expired all were at least $1 more than I had mine listed for.

I have no negative rep and 1 day delivery, so it makes no sense why my listing didn’t sell or why it’s buried below higher prices listings.

Well almost a month and not a single reply?? Just looking for a simple answer didn’t think it would be this hard. Here is a pic of a title that is many times longer that the supposed 24 character limit, just want a level playing field is all.

From looking a little bit into your question, I think that the search feature for the site is somewhat useless for your type of items. For Steam, items are easier to find since Gameflip can grab the names of items from Steam or whatever, which is why the “search similar” feature is useful. But for a game like Fallout 76, Gameflip doesn’t have that sort of support hence why people can write in their own item names. Since that’s the case, it’s harder for the search algorithm to find exactly what you are looking for. Using the search term “BE 3*”, I was shown listings that don’t even have any part of the phrase in the title other than a single letter or so. I’m guessing what people do is to look through a few pages and then buy the lowest price from the pile, missing your listing. I think the best way forward is to keep your listings current, meaning deleting listings and creating them again so it has a better chance of landing on the first few pages. I’m no expert on Fallout listings but this is just my opinion. Also, I’m not sure about the 24 character limit thing.

Thanks for your response, agreed search results don’t make sense, and gf doesn’t seem to want to reveal how it works for some reason. I can live with it I suppose.

The main thing I’d like to know is how people are exceeding the 24 character limit in listing title. This would really help the most as fo76 items tend to have long names.

There is a way as I see it all the time just like in the example I posted, your help would be greatly appreciated.

The above example has over 45 characters almost double the supposed limit. I have tried it on PC and it still limits me to 24 characters in title.

I just tested listing for FO76 items on the mobile app and it seems there is no character limit for the title (at least on iOS). idk why.

If you want to theoretically exceed the 24 character limit, you could create the listing on the mobile app, save draft, and then finish the bottom description and pricing on the PC.

Hmm that could be it, I’m on Android. I have tried on PC and phone (Android) and no way around 24 character limit.

Seems like non level playing field just because your on iOS, should be same for all.

Thanks for your input and testing.

Yeah no problem, they should really fix it. Kinda strange it would work on iOS and not Android. I would thought that both mobile apps are on the same build. Good luck on selling your items.

I had the same issue in Android, Good luck for your sales

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