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After an update a few months ago it was no longer possible to “bump” items by taking them off sale and putting them back on sale. I’ve been considering making this post for a while, but I wanted to see if it would get noticed and fixed on its own. Anyways, since then a few users have been spamming sections constantly with many of the exact same listing all with 1 day delivery meaning they haven’t committed to buying these codes and are just using it as a way to constantly dominate the front page. As a seller I get my items pushed off constantly and I see people buying more expensive items with slower delivery time. As a buyer it’s a nightmare to have to go through each section and try to find codes I can use now amidst the sea of spam.

Here’s 2 examples of the worst that are ruining the Xbox and Steam codes section.

Maybe it’s just me, but it’s ruining the seller and buyer experience. Could we put a limit on how many of the exact same listing they can spam without actually providing a code. Alternatively, could we at least allow for a sort by delivery time option? Not a single front page item on Steam is instant delivery and now they are both blatantly reselling the humble bundle (which is something that organization is working hard to discourage). I suppose I could just sit around or set up a bot to spam listings all day like they do and not provide instant delivery, but that doesn’t seem like a very good solution. I’ve personally just cut down what I list by a ton as it just gets pushed off the page shortly after anyways and I haven’t bought anything lately either as their stuff is all I ever see when I browse around on the app.

This issue has already been addressed and the item “bump” feature you mentioned has been removed to discourage constant reposting, but like with anything, people always find another way. Many of those code sellers, like the two you mentioned, are in a constant king of the hill battle with each other to stay on top and make sales. At the end of the day, they are investing time and effort to constantly repost. As the saying goes, “you get what you put into it”. If someone is putting hours into reposting compared to someone that makes a post and lets it sit there for a few days and doesn’t do anything else, of course the repost will be more likely to make a sale.

My recommendation would be to get more competitive and stay proactive with your post:

  • Edit pictures to include the words “fastest instant delivery”
  • Repost every few hours to stay relevant or repost at least once a day.
  • Write a great description that sets you apart from the spammers. Believe me, buyers do read, shop around and pick quality.

The issue has not been addressed as it has been created since the removal of the of the “bump” feature. I must have explained poorly or you are having trouble understanding. Let’s end this king of the hill battle or at least require they have the codes on hand that they are spamming so it doesn’t get out of control. Perhaps as someone who just generates Pokemon for free and can’t offer instant delivery you aren’t able to understand.

Do you really think I haven’t tried or considered your recommendations?

  1. I did that long before I saw anyone else and have found it makes little difference when you are 3 pages back a few hours after posting. I don’t think I should have to wade through the same reposted junk each day as a buyer to find instant delivery items either.
  2. That’s what is considered spamming and the exact issue I’m talking about. I don’t want to see the same reposted garbage each day and now it’s much more difficult to bump items unless you intentionally spam like those users.
  3. See my first reply, no one is even seeing listings. (As a buyer who has spent thousands on this app/site it’s rather difficult to shop around and pick quality compared to any other site. Also, the quality has definitely gone down.)

I’ll make it easy and provide the example of fullsheta games who offers instant delivery, better prices, and does all the things you mention, but I still don’t see his listings with frequency anymore and I see things sold for more with slower delivery.

My recommendation would be to fix this so that sellers don’t leave as I know some already have because we shouldn’t have to spend hours a day bumping our items. It’s not a smart investment of time and it just doesn’t show commitment, it just means you can sit around all day with nothing else to do. I invest my money so the code can be sent immediately rather than my time so it can get sent in about a day. We should be able to offer better prices and faster delivery times and have that recognized, not be rewarded for spamming the very limited space the app has.

Lol, why are you so mad? Calm yourself and don’t come at me like that. What a savage fool. I saw that no one cared about what you said so I decided to respond. Lmao. People like you, smh. Run out of movies so now you’re trying to sell a few measly xbox codes? They are already on top of your post again with better prices, too.

I appreciate you taking the time to reply. Unfortunately, your lack of understanding of the situation I’m trying to explain, condescending attitude, and now personal attacks (coming at me) aren’t helpful. You also aren’t the audience I hoped to reach, so that’s why I may seem “mad”. If you had read above you’d see that I’ve started selling elsewhere and that includes the movie codes so, no, I haven’t run out. I’m done replying to you, however, as you are becoming less and less helpful. Keep shaking your head and enjoy ripping off dumb people who can’t google how to get the Pokemon on your own, you savage fool :slight_smile:

P.S. Your spamming idea worked brilliantly is now covered with garbage listings.

Since this topic and myself are so offensive and it’s apparently not an issue I’ll just close the topic.

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