Absurd flag spamming practice BY GAMEFLIP'S MODERATION

A couple of days ago I had some Stadia PRO codes removed from my selling because it was in the “wrongful Section”. I created a post here (Correct place to sell Stadia PRO code - #4 by Ticio_Mevio) and over 24hours later no one could tell me the correct category to sell the item, which is ok because I’m patient. BTW, when Gameflip removed my items they threatened to suspend me.

But the problem is that I just went to check my store page and ITEMS IN THE CORRECT SECTION ARE BEING REMOVED! Can’t believe it because it sounds absurd?
Check this out they are telling me to sell a STEAM KEY WHICH HAS TO BE ACTIVATED ON STEAM ON “GAMES => OTHER” (wth?). Also items for STEAM GAMES are being delisted:
Proof of gameflip absurd message, followed by the only a few of the several packs of items that were delisted, WHICH ARE FROM GAMES FROM STEAM: MODERATION WENT HAYWIRE - Album on Imgur

Is the Gameflip Store being done by a bot now? If you guys don’t want competion on GAmeflip, just tell everyone and all. I’m already selling way more on King*** anyways, but Gameflip used to be at least a nice place!Have I been lucky for never been targeted by such an uncareful haywire flagging by GAmeflip’s store moderation or is it a new thing? What the hell is going on?

After over 2 years I no longer am able to sell steam keys and steam game items on the Steam category? I would appreciate any moderation help here

Hello @Ticio_Mevio,

Sorry for the inconvenience and wait.

I will close this topic and answer you the first topic you opened ok.

God Speed! :trident: