Can I use category “steam game” to sell in game item code?

I just got a notification saying that I am listing wrong category , item I’m selling is PUBG in game item code , because it’s a code and it is untradeable so I can’t use in game item category , so I decide to use steam game category. All items I have sold last week is normal but today I receive this notification. I’m afraid they will lock my account if I do it again but it is the only way so what should I do now?

As far as I can see, it is possible to sell item codes for PUBG.

oh I see but it’s really hard to manage like if I have a lot of code I can’t copy all of them and post at the same time every code I have to create a new sell it take a lot of time not like steam game category and it can’t manage on smartphone too . And one more thing , I can’t find my item when I use this category :frowning:

You need to use the website, which gives you more options, including duplicating your listings very quickly.

Gameflip just re-add PUBG in-game for the website. The listings still show up in mobile app, but you can’t list them easily in mobile app.

Some users here fought for the past 3 weeks to get rid off the PUBG spammers. The category is called “Steam Games”, so please, only use it if youre selling “Steam Games”. The PUBG item flood made it impossible to see any games at all, thats why the mods take action.


Ok thanks you guys so much