Selling Random Keys on Gameflip is ok.....

Apparently selling random keys on Gameflip is ok again? Clearly it is since there’s a seller that has multiple random listings posted for over a week without any problems, warnings or suspension.

Here’s a link to their listing below:

What’s going on? There are also scammers running around freely on Gameflip making accounts with inappropriate names, pictures and imitating Gameflip saying “congratulations, your item sold, blah blah blah, please email me at blah blah blah.” They lure these people off Gameflip, get them to send their item(s) thinking it is Gameflip and then they all come opening ticket after ticket and make post after post in the forum, all the while the word gets around that there is no moderation on this site/app called Gameflip so more scammers come flooding in. Expansion and growth is great, but when you can’t manage it and support falls behinds in response time drastically (1-2 weeks), it will backfire. Please consider a community moderator position where someone can provide immediate help / prevention.

Hello @ModernRetro,

No, it is not allowed to sell random codes as you asked. Thus I took care of this situation.
Some time ago we told you that new hires were on their way to help Gameflip. They came and they are already helping us, but as expected they needed traning and it takes time.

So far, despite all the time spent on training, due to their help we have diminished in more than 60% our reply time and the tickets quantity that we have in our queue.

What is next? Diminish our tickets queue even more and scan deeply our Marketplace for listing like this one you reported.

What we ask for the users like you: please report as much as you can so we can check these reports and remove them.

We are aware of the scammer attacks we are receiving, thus we are working hard to have the best measures against them.


Another random key listing:

lol , the last guy says that you can get a key or nothing? : ) anyway… his english is messed up

Yeah, a lot of people who don’t have a grasp of the English language or basic sentence structure come on Gameflip to do shady things. Then when they get suspended, they play stupid and try to act innocent.

My impression is that Steam part is complety abandonated. Probally all gameflip team is only check game itens parts. Have a loot of random keys, false gameflip message scam and false itens to try defamate and harms others seller that this fake sell item:
This guy always post this item to try harms another seller. He have 2 accounts:
this account:
and this other account:

This sellers always try play dirty and try defamate and harms others sellers.

The two sellers you mentioned are always at each other’s throats. They are constantly going at each other and reporting each other. The Steam market is a bubble that has bursted beyond recognition. It is so deflated and over saturated.

Don’t understand of this listing, but it looks like a payment account of some sort. Definitely doesn’t look like something that is allowed on Gameflip.

The seller called Mexicano and the seller called Orange. B is the same person. This person always try harms all sellers.
On the start of this year a new seller called Cheap Master appear on gameflip and he is a great seller, have sold many items and this call atention of Mexicano and he started chase and harms this seller Cheap Master for pure envy, this seller called Mexicano/Orange B its a cancer on gameflip. He try harms all good sellers that appears here.

I think that Gameflip must have implement a respect policies between sellers and the sellers that try play dirty for exemple creating a fake itens on market to defame others sellers or try harms the others sellers spamming same itens when other sellers post a item this behavior need to be punish, otherwise this market will be same a nobody’s land

I don’t know about them being the same seller, but I don’t think Gameflip allows one person to have 2 accounts. There should be a strict rule that allows only one account person person, ip address, bank/paypal information. One person having multiple accounts is suspicious and fraudulent.

Yes. But unfortunally many users have more of one account.

An account seller on the loose.

Help me please