What are with all of these Random Game Keys?

So many this seems super shady. I can’t even find the games I am looking for because they list the games as potentially winnable, yeah right…

Just Cayse 3 search returs this unhelpful list https://gameflip.com/browse/?term=just%20cause%203

I think this is just a clever scam the GF needs to stop

I just joined the forums so that I could post a suggestion about the random keys, but I found your thread instead. Therefore, I will put my suggestions here.

  1. It would be great if Gameflip was to add an additional filter (it could even be a simple check box toggle) to filter out random game key sellers. The fact of the matter is that they are crowding out most listings, particularly the Steam category. You simply can’t just refresh the page to see recently added Steam games, because random game keys flood the listings. And, as mentioned by the OP, search results for a game turn up mostly random key listings instead of the game you’re actually looking for.

  2. I understand that it is difficult for Gameflip to police random key sellers who claim certain high-value AAA games as possibilities upon purchase, but never deliver on them. To partially address this, people who buy random key listings should have a prompt above or below the feedback box that states something along the lines of “Since this listing was for a random game key, feel free to include in your comments the game(s) you received from the seller to better inform future potential buyers.” All random game key listings should also come with an advisory banner encouraging people to check the seller’s feedback before purchase. This will help to cut down on the people who sell multiple copies of the same low-value games when the potential list of games they provide has 20+ choices. I have never purchased random game keys, but a simple look at the feedback comments shows that certain sellers have the exact same games mentioned in the comments from buyers who state what they got. Assassin’s Creed Unity for the XBOX One is a good example of such a game. They buy it for under $3 from reseller sites, then sell it for $10+ on Gameflip as a random game key. It’s not really “random” if your going to get the same game no matter what.

  3. After #2 has taken hold, Gameflip should hold those random key sellers accountable in some way if evidence points to them repeatedly selling the exact same low-value games. Obviously, those sellers should be informed beforehand, so that they avoid it to begin with. I thought about providing a few examples of such sellers, but they are easy to spot if you look at their feedback comments.

Thank you.

The Featured Sellers and some others did receive a Notification that all Random listings are prohibited Starting 1st July (today).
It was a long struggle but they are prohibited now.

They already added this to the Guidelines now:
“RANDOM ITEM LISTINGS Any listing that is created without identifying the exact item that will be sold is prohibited on Gameflip. Creating listings where the Buyer has a “Random”, “Chance”, or any sort of probability of items receive will fall under this. Listings that do not identify the item to be sold will be deleted and any accounts associated with the listing may be suspended or banned.”

Thank you for letting me know. I don’t know why a message didn’t go out to all members about the change, but I’m glad to see that it has happened.

I guess some people just make bulk listings just to avoid having to make listings for individual items.

Again, sorry if reviving topics is not allowed. I havent been told its not yet.

Thakyou for sharing this post. :slight_smile:

Why gameflip forbidden random keys?

I think it looks like gambling, and that’s prohibited… buying something you don’t know what you’ll get.

But the concorrent site G2A sell this. I think this lets some disvantage.