A seperate catergory for PC Box games

Just an idea to keep them separate from Steam/Gog/Uplay etc

Also a separate category for random key listings. It’s annoying searching for a specific game and getting pages and pages of random keys.


Thank you for these suggestions! These will be brought up with the team.

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This is a fantastic suggestion could help filter out all the digital listings

i agree, its really getting annoying searching up games and 20-50 listings of random steam games get added into that search. it dilutes our chances of finding what we need.

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I think randoms should be generally filtered out.
It should more be like “Games”, “Merchandise”, “Random Games” etc. or something like that.
Since the marked in this form + the 100000 people who want to make a quick buch with randoms are just flooding the marked with it. Its just impossible to find proper listings, since also the search includes Item description.