Rant On Buyers Who Don’t Accept Items

I’m so tired of buyers who always purchase items but never accept them or reply.

They don’t accept the item and make us wait 3 days for it to auto-accept then another 3 days for the funds to unlock on our part.

The worst part is they always keep coming back and doing it!

They’re equivalent to griefers/afkers in games who don’t learn.

I just wish they could get a minor punishment that will make them stop, it’s just a waste of time.


By “accept them” you mean rating right?

Well no, you can accept the item without rating.

I hope you’re not talking about me :grin:

You might want to check my last topic to get an idea on why some people do that.

Personally as a gift card reseller outside of GF, I have my reasons. I can’t complete my purchase right away because obviously I resell those so I can’t find out whether it works or not. Sure it may work at the time of purchase, but sometimes it doesn’t last long because you are a fraud (not talking about you, PeterPan) and the code will either get blocked because it was reported stolen/bought with a stolen credit card, or maybe you just can’t be trusted and you check the codes you sell after a while to see which one still works and then use it for yourself or try to resell it in some other way.

You see where im going? It’s really hard for us resellers to find a reputable seller/supplier for these things. Steam Pumpkin is now gone, so we’re all alone in the wild looking for a replacement.

I might fall under the wrong seller that is trying to get a couple of bucks out of me and runs away with the money, before I ever get a chance to sell my code and make sure that you are to be trusted.

However, this process of mine is just temporary. Once I make sure you are trustworthy and get comfortable enough with you, I can start completing my purchases right away and you’ll end up making good business from me.

That’s my reason and I know there are a lot of buyers out there that are just like me, buying for the purpose of reselling. However I can’t speak for people that are buying just once or twice for self use, that are just lazy or too careless to complete their order so you can get your money fast lol.

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One more thing to add:

For someone like me that buys hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of listings per month, it gets hard and annoying and time-consuming to rate/complete each and every listing I buy.

I hope they add a way for us to check mark the listings we want, then click on complete/rate so it can be done a lot easier for us big spenders in one click.

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Oh I see, I never really thought of it that way. Thanks for the insight! So far it seems to be new buyers with low rating or none at all. However, there is one named “Jay Zee” who has a lot of ratings and is doing this for the 2nd or 3rd time.

No, I mean accepting the item. There’s accepting and then there is rating afterwards.