Weird Buyers doing weird stuff ?

Yesterday i got about 6 sales with were kinda weird .

One guy bought something then asked me to cancel the sale, i made another listing and he proceeded to do the same stuff again and mark me with neutral ?

Then again other dude bought my sale and asked to cancel cause of “misclick buy” .

then 4 other people bought and don’t answer any of my messages so i cannot deliver .

Also they are all fortnite sellers, are they taking my listings off just to mess with me or what ?

Honestly there’s lots of “bad” buyers out there who purchase and then can’t complete for some reason or another (I sell CS:GO and often they will have a ban or 15 day cooldown). It sounds like some buyers remorse mostly. A large portion of the people who buy my stuff are just resellers so I don’t think that necessarily makes it sketchy. Possibly the first guy could be abusing the system, I’d just block him and maybe the unresponsive buyers if you end up cancelling. I believe there is an option now that states something like buyer can’t complete and prevents you from getting negative feedback.

Sorry to hear you had a bad day selling. It definitely sucks when you get a bunch of cancelled/difficult sales all at once. Hope you get some good sales in the future!

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Also theres the ones that receive the item and forget to rate . URGH I HATE THOSE

And i don’t see an option to state, buyer mistake on thatimage

Maybe they didn’t implement it yet, I thought I’d seen it used. I’d just go with “Other reason” then and explain. I’d say a third to a half of buyer never actually rate me and I just get auto rated after 3 days. I’ve seen some sellers pester buyers to rate, but I’ve always been worried about seeming too pushy and don’t really need the cash right away so I just wait.