Seller requesting rate minuntes after purchase?

I’ve had a so far 2 sellers with no profile picture sell me games and after you purchase immediately request rate? I know once I rate it releases the funds to the seller. Can I still file a complaint after I rate? Is this a scam? Because I didn’t see a tracking # both times? Even if I seen a tracking number doesn’t mean they will ship items? Anyone else seen this?

@Aaronat530 Please DO NOT rate the Seller until you have actually received your item. Unfortunately there will be people trying to scam others and ask to you rate them before they can ship out the item. We have this system in place to help protect both the Buyer and Seller from getting scammed. But like you said, once you rate the Seller, the money will be released to them and the transaction will be deemed finalized.

You will have the option to cancel the order after the “Seller sends in” + 3 days and be refunded. So if they do not ship out the item, you are still protected.

We are always on the look out for these type of users and will take the appropriate actions with them. So please always send in a ticket to our support team if you come across a situation like this so we can investigate these users.

I have a question about the refund,

So there’s this seller that has not shipped the item (it’s past due) and I’ve got the option to get a refund, I’m giving the seller the benefit of the doubt and waiting for them to get back to me, is there a time limit to this?

Let’s say the seller hasn’t shipped, I haven’t asked for a refund and some time passes (30 days maybe) will Gameflip automatically cancel the transaction and give me my refund?

Also since I payed in credits, my refund comes back in credits, right?

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For situations like these, we do have an auto-cancel feature that kicks in 14 days after the sale.

And as for the refund. Whatever you paid with, will be refunded the same way. So if it’s half Credits half Cash, it’ll be refunded just like that.

Wait so is it 14 days after the sale or after it’s past due?

I think I’ll just wait for the auto-cancel, I’d feel bad if I was the one who cancelled the transaction.

It’ll ultimately be after the “Seller sends in” + 14 Days for the auto-cancel feature.

Please have it release funds immediately after tracking number says it’s been shipped. I sell and item and send it with usps, provide a tracking number, usps says it’s delivered and I can’t even receive my money because the person is too busy, lazy, etc to even finish clicking a button. This is ridiculous.