yaahsmsemdin is a scam seller

Won’t let me rate him.
He canceled 24 hours later.
Looking through his reviews tells many stories… AVOID!!!

I’ve bought from his like 2 times… what happened to you?

Did he cancel and you get a refund or was it completed

Hours went by and he did nothing and then hours later he messages me if I’m ready for the code(which is very odd why not just send it) I said yes and never got the code. Hours and hours went by so I started messaging him again with no replies. Finally I point out that it was over 24 hours and he messages me that the order was cancelled.

why won’t it let me give him a rating?

He probably didn’t have the item you wanted to purchase in store, or you weren’t online when he had it and may have had to sell to other customers, buying a manual delivery item, you have to be online or keep checking on the trader in other to get this item, if he had it and you where at least 20 minutes late then it’s most likely that someone else was interested in the item. I sell gift cards and trading manually probably means the item may not be available and I may have to get it and when I do then the buyer may not be available, I just can’t send it because sometimes buyers may complain and say they got it from somewhere else, so it’s best to stay online or tell the seller when you’d be online again, but if it is available then it will be on automatic delivery, which make it easier for both parties. You also couldn’t rate him because no transaction was made.
Hope this helps…

It shouldn’t matter if I’m online but I was anyway.