Option to Rate Seller after Cancelled Transaction

So I have seen multiple accounts lately which have 12 Good ratings from the same 4 (fake) accounts, and then no Neutral or Negative feedback. To the untrained eye it looks like a trustworthy seller who you can safely do business with. In reality, these people will do this:

  1. Mark your trade as completed as soon as you purchase their item.
  2. Tell you something like “I am on trip will be back three days from now” (how convenient) or they don’t say anything or contact you in any way.

Then what ends up happening is you tell Gameflip there is a problem with your item, and they refund it and cancel the transaction after a couple days, or (like me) you wait around for seller to contact you, the Gameflip system leaves an auto rating on their profile for you, and then you lose your money and don’t get an item. While it annoys me, I understand that it is my fault for not reporting a problem with my trade sooner. HOWEVER, what really annoys me is that I have no option to leave a rating on that seller’s profile letting other people know that they don’t have anything to sell.

Give me the option to leave feedback on a seller who I have OPENED a transaction with, not only ones I have CLOSED a transaction with. Right now there is no penalty for cancelling a trade, and no way to leave feedback on a scammer’s profile, so there is no disincentive for scamming people.

Thanks for sharing your feedback.

I passed that along and we’ll hopefully handle these situations better in the near future.

Has this been resolved yet? I have a similar issue where a seller would not get back to me. As soon as I said I want to move forward with canceling my order they did it immediately. I think that sellers are manipulating the system by not finishing a sale if they don’t handle it in time. That way they don’t have to worry about negative feedback. You should be able to rate a seller if you open an order.

Glad u can rate the buyers now. All u docis click the listing and you can rate :slight_smile: I know this is old. But thank God they gave that back to us lol