No Negative Rating?

Do sellers no longer get negative ratings for cancelling and are buyers not allowed to leave them? I just bought an item from a seller who never reached out and cancelled after keeping the item listed and eventually selling it for more. (A whopping $5 on a $220 item). I feel like this is important especially when new buyers have to add funds to their balance before making a purchase leaving them with money stuck on the site and no item.

You can read the full comments here but I’ll summarize where he keeps me waiting with no contact while negotiating with another buyer. He then cancels claiming citing “item_gone”.

“The knife is sold?”
“Depends on your offer”
“Buy this and I’ll cancel the other order”

You can also note where other sellers warn him about having up to 4 listings for the same item at the same time and where he admits to cancelling on another buyer as well. (He still has 3 listings up for this item).

Could this seller please have a negative feedback added to their account for this transaction to reflect the extremely poor experience offered. “Cancelled after I purchased to resell for $5 more. Didn’t bother to contact.” would be a great reason if that’s allowed to be added.

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Hello @000,

Sorry for the inconvenience this has caused

I can understand your frustration, but do not worry, I have placed the seller under close watch and sent the user a warning because of this.

Also, I am not able to set a manual negative rating, but the warning is registered under his account.

Have a great day!

God Speed! :trident:


Thanks. Seems to be a real issue in the coordinated transfer section and some others though. Spent another $700+ on two items today only to have another seller not reply for 8 hours before cancelling. Again citing “item_gone” as if these skins are just vanishing. Perhaps a system wide change should be implemented. No wonder I can’t convince any of my friends to use this site for skins. :frowning: