Negative Rating System/Unfair Ratings

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Hello, I have seen others cry out for help on these forums in regards to negative ratings. I myself am a big seller in the Xbox Rocket League community and I constantly have issues with buyers leaving negative feedback even after receiving their item within the hour, let alone day. To me this is clearly aggravating as I do my best to keep my Online/Offline status up to date as well as provide a clear understand as to when I will be able to deliver. Long story short, my last negative rating is from about 4 hours ago. This buyer bought an item when I was offline, he messages me asking for when I can deliver so I get on gameflip and review the order. I find the buyer had not provided a gamer tag for the transaction. I request this bit of information, simply stating if he wished delivery then I needed the required information. After spamming me with his gamertag for the next couple messages, against my better judgement I continued to deliver the item. It has now been 3 days since the transaction and I awoke with an additional negative rating.

I have received negative ratings before, all coming from unresponsive buyers that had canceled after begging me to deliver the item after the allotted time. This is irritating enough, but it is debate-ably worse when the buyer received their item within the hour.

While I have your attention I would like to address the negative rating system. I am sure we have all had our fair share of negative rates from trolls, and it gets aggravating. You do your job as far as Game flip is concerned, and you still received negative feedback. Is there a chance we could abolish the automatic negative ratings after canceled transactions? I do not believe it is fair that an unresponsive buyer can cause me a negative rating if they are quicker to the cancel button at the end of those 24 hours. I would also like it if users could not leave negative ratings in which the rater fails to accompany it with text. If somebody is going to rate you negatively, they should be forced to type out why they are giving you a negative rating. The people that give ratings actually based on performance always type out what the buyer/seller did wrong, and I don’t believe it is fair for someone to click one button and drop your rep.

Correct me if I am wrong on any of the points, I just believe it would be easier to have a more strict negative rating system as opposed to having to deal with posts like this on forums.


I was able to remove this negative rating of yours. Regarding the rating system, I read your concerns and will think about what we can do and pass it to the team so they can see what can be done then.


Thank you kindly. It will be interesting to see what they come up with and if they choose to pursue anything

I thought that buyer is already being forced to leave comments/text when giving a negative or neutral rating? I rarely give negative rating, but I recall that’s how it’s supposed to work.

Which app or website that allows negative rating without leaving comment?