Bad rating because buyer didnt contact me

So… Im selling an item right on Rocket League steam… Guy buys it. I try contacting him for 24 hours, no response. So I send a ticket into gameflip about it stating Ive been trying to give this guy his item he hasnt responded please dont give me a bad rating. The guy ends up contacting me at the 30 hour mark while Im at work. Tells me to add him. I get home and I add him. He then ignores the add because as he says… “I didnt know it was you” as if he receives multiple random friend requests per day… So then he says to add him. I try, says error adding friend (because he ignored my 1st request). Literally 24 more hours go buy with no response from him. While Im at work he finally adds me and says hes ready. Im at work so I cant deliver right then but told him when Id be home. I get home and the order is cancelled and I have a bad rating… Im upset about this because I told gameflip about it PRIOR to the cancellation. I told them I was having issues contacting the buyer and would like some help. I tried VERY hard to get him the item on time but HE ruined it, so I get a bad rating. So I sent a ticket into gameflip about if they can fix the bad rating, with screenshots of proof of me and the guys convo, times, and how long it had taken. They said they cant fix ratings (even though they really can). So now I have a bad rating for new customers to see because 1 customer didnt do his part and contact me in a timely fashion. Moral of the story is, get your customer service together gameflip.

Hey friend! Fear not, I know the feeling and have been in this situation a few times. Whenever it happens, I screenshot the conversation and tell Gameflip to check the chat history to verify that I did attempt to deliver in a timely matter. Once they see it, they will remove the negative rating from your account. I have faith that the admins will make things right. Unfair negative / neutral feedback should always be investigated because it could be a competitor using a dummy account or someone trolling you with nothing better to do. In order for the admin to review your problem, please provide your invite code here so they can easily find your account to tend to the matter.

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sorry for late response but they helped me with this matter. but it happened 2 more times within 2 weeks after and they didnt even respond to my email.