Need Help for Negative Rating Between Buyer and Seller that was Resolved.

I am relatively new to the site so I am still learning the ins and out of the site as a buyer mostly. Unfortunately I already ran into a problem today. A seller gave me negative feedback for not completing the purchase within the time frame that he wanted. So I already have a negative feedback just for that but after a bit of back and forth conversation we agreed that the negative rating he gave me and I gave him were unwarranted and we wanted them removed. I was hoping someone could help me remove this negative rating for both of us.
I am new so these ratings are amplified. I find that under this miscommunication circumstance if we both can get our negative ratings removed from each other.

My INV. Code: D6593S

Pic of Convo:

If there is anything else you need let me know. This is my only negative feedback on account if that helps find it.

Create a ticket here
Negative rate can be removed by Support.

Thanks for the link. I submitted ticket.

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After reviewing your case, I could answer your ticket.


Thanks for all the help appreciate the help!

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