Seller gave negative feedback with inappropriate comments


I’m seller on gameflip but was looking for Newegg gift cards, Fortunately I found someone selling them And contacted him as i will complete transaction after my order is shipped 6-10H
and his terms was to redeem and complete transaction after 15m and he agreed

After buying the GCs he kept spamming my notification to complete transaction and threatens to block me, However i completed transaction after 10H after asking him not to give negative feedback and he also agreed

I was so sad to find Neutral feedback so i gave him negative feedbacks but unfortunately i got this

I don’t think i deserve this insult as i took his permission before buying

The idea that this will be always on my feedback wall is so disappointing

My code is 4KU9ZE

imagestrong text

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Use this to report it:
These people forcing instant ratings should not be allowed to do so. The whole point of gameflips 3 day rating is to give you time to make sure its safe. These people are trying to go against gameflip policy and make their own rules.

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