Auto rating/feedback

Am I right in thinking that there used to be a system in place, where if someone did not leave feedback after 3 days of purchase, you would receive auto positive feedback as the seller?
And as a buyer, the seller would have to leave feedback before the funds would process into there wallet?

I think this really needs to be introduced (or re-instated, if it was a thing in the past) to Gameflip.

I understand the 3-day rule. If you are buying for a friend, or you are away from your computer and cannot activate the code right away, then you need a little more time.
But to let it run down to 3-days, and then not even bother to leave feedback is just downright rude and lazy.
If the transaction is complete, the key works and everybody is happy, why not just leave a little green smiley face, it’s hardly time-consuming.

At the end of the day, sites like this rely on trust between two people, the buyer and the seller. Having plenty of positive feedback lets others know you can be trusted.
However, when only 50% of people bother to leave feedback (and frankly, that is being generous), it can be hard to build up a decent amount of positive feedback.

Apologies if this looked like a rant, it is just something that really annoys me. Not just aimed at Gameflip, but other selling sites such as eBay.
I believe the auto-feedback system is a valid suggestion though, and hopefully, the Gameflip moderators will look into making it a feature on the site

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I disagree because it will be like a fake feedback done by system not human and also i think the buyers who don’t accept the transaction after using the code, don’t deserve the positive feedback.


I agree with you on your second point, about buyers who don’t complete the transaction, I had not thought about it like that. Good point.

But even if as a seller, you receive fake feedback, at least other people know you have completed a transaction without problems, and that you can be trusted.

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It happens, most of people don’t want to accept the order until they make sure that they Got what they want, because There a lot of scammers you know!

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Sure, I get that.
Like I said, I have nothing against the 3-day rule. But if you have checked the key works why not leave feedback? 3 days is more than enough time to check a key.
Personally, I wont buy a key unless I have access to my computer to check it straight away.

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I understand, there people complete the order then don’t give feedback but maybe they just forgot to do or new at gameflip so you can tell them To give you a rate.

Yeah… I have at least 10-15 ratings that never happened because people don’t want to rate… its whatever though. I do wish I had those feedbacks though.

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