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My name is Holyguaka, I’m somewhat new here, selling for around 2 months.
I usually have around 1 or 2 sales a day, and weekends spiking to around 3 - 5, with most being completed (code accepted) within around 20 minutes of someone’s purchase.

However, of my approximately 80 - 85 sales, I believe there around 10 - 15 that were not accepted at that time and the auto complete timer by Gameflip ran out.
So, no worries. I rate the buyer, the money goes into pending and happy days. However, on Gameflips info or TOS (not 100% sure which one) it says that after the 3 pending days, you automatically receive your positive review and the transaction is completed.

I believe there is an error in this system, as I was looking at my number of sales, revenue and feedback, and my profit margin simply didnt match my number of feedbacks (each sale having x amount of profit. 72 x ‘profit’ = less than actual earnings)

It’s not a huge deal, however, 10 - 15 feedbacks are more than 10% of my overall.
Would a moderator be able to have a look at my transactions and see which ones were not reviewed and then leave the positive feedback as the auto system is meant to do.

If you promise sellers their positive reviews on auto completion, it’s only fair they receive them.

My profile number is: JRR76B

Best reagrds,

I really don’t like when someone leaves Bad Rate even though he got the right item but still, that’s why i made a post about this.:confused:

That’s not true. You get your feedbacks when the buyer rates you only and doesn’t happens automatically after 3 days. So, if the buyer didn’t accept the transaction and rate you, then you will not get it.

Were you reading this article? https://gameflip.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/206128687-Buyer-did-not-complete-the-transaction-after-I-sent-the-item

That might be outdated because ratings are optional since November 2018:

The only automatic rating now is when the seller doesn’t deliver and will get a negative review.

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