Feedback Ratings Obsolete?

Hey there… I have noticed that some big sellers are not giving feedback to buyers after the purchases. I could imagine that some sellers are seeling a lot of codes so they don’t have time to do it. But I always thought this was a “forced” action to do when you do a transaction in gameflip. So if users now have the option not to rate, this makes the feedback ratings obsolete?


That is true. Since it’s usually auto delivery and they sell lots everyday, hard to rate every single buyer. Sellers rating buyer will not give the buyer any shown rating. It does not reflect under Feedback ratings.

Most small sellers/buyers do rate. I would say that around 1-2 out of every 10 sold listing of mine did not get rated. The other 8-9 does rate. It also depends who you buy from. Many people still rate.

Feedback ratings does not only show how many ratings that a Seller has gotten. Feedback ratings also show how many listings someone has sold+completed(under Sold). That can show how many successful transactions that the seller has sold+completed.

But if you have any suggestions or anything you feel that you want them to change, you can always contact Support to suggest.

There should be a way to mass rate. Because doing it one by one is really tedious for us big sellers.
Currently I dedicate a hour a week to rating buyers , which i only started doing recently , would make life so much easier to have a mass rate feature.

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This is not something that is bothering me, it just came up because I saw a user requesting (almost begging) to a big seller to get a rate and then I went to his profile and the buyer has 0 feedback so, I believe this kind of users are the ones that really needs the feedback.

I think that a similar system as the one already exists completing the sales could do the trick here… if buyer/seller don’t rate in x amount of days, you get an automatic positive feedback. But I don’t know how the complete system works.

Anyone can suggest or voice out to Support. Just for others who wants to suggest something.

Transaction will be completed if buyer does not complete within 3 days once seller gives item + confirms he has given item. You will not get an automatic feedback though. The buyer/seller will then have 30 days to rate anytime they want. If they don’t rate within 30 days, they will be unable to rate afterwards. Just some information.