Is there a way to bulk-rate sellers?


I recently placed large orders and I thought Gameflip automatically rates the seller a positive feedback after 3 days have passed.

I just checked and turns out it only marks the order as “completed”, but doesn’t actually leave any feedback for the seller.

Can someone confirm please? I don’t like being unfair to sellers, so I really want to leave them a positive feedback but doing it one by one is just undoable because it takes a lot of time and a lot of website navigation. Is there an easier way I can “select all or select partial orders” then rate them the way I want?

One last thing, is it possible for my account to get suspended for not leaving feedback for my orders? or if the buyer notices a lot of orders from me but no feedback, does he have the right to block me?


Leaving the order open for 3 days for the auto-rate after you’ve received your item means the seller has to wait 3 days for them to get their money. Would you like that happening to you if you were a seller?

The auto-rate gives a positive feedback score to the seller, but no feedback message since you have to (optionally) write it.

I understand completely, but I have over 80 orders in just 10 days. Imagine rating them one by one?

If I go and manually rate each and every purchase then it would take me a whole day just to finish them. As long as im buying from a huge seller that has thousands of feedback and hundreds of listings, and the seller is also automatically getting a positive feedback from me, then I see no harm in that. Because the seller after all is making good profits out of my business.

But you’re completely right, because I don’t like being unfair. I will message the seller and ask him if it’s ok by him before going any further. Hopefully he’ll reply because I didn’t get a reply from him before.

If you told the seller beforehand that you’ll bulk order and they agree to wait for the auto-rate then sure. But there are many sellers who will be confused and frustrated that the buyer got the item and “ran away” (until 3 days later that they see their money).

The delay of 3 days is meant to be your time to inspect the item, and declare if the digital good you purchased is working and its matching the title and photo. Once the transaction is Complete there is no back option or refund. Transactions are final. Make sure you check every code before rating :slight_smile:
Good luck in buying :wink:

So by what you guys have said, I assume Gameflip doesn’t punish or suspend accounts or take any action against what im doing here? I went through the terms of use and I see no mention of having to manually rate the sellers myself instead of relying on the auto-rate system.

So I assume it’s just between me and the seller? which leads me to my previous question; do sellers have the right to block me for not rating them right away? can Gameflip unblock me from that seller in such situations if it ever happens?

I just want to be in the clear here and for things to go as smoothly as possible, as this is the main source for my business that I run locally.

No, youre doing fine. It may not be the finest move, but whether the seller likes it or not, he agreed to these terms by selling here. Dont let other people confuse you about that, there is a difference between illegal and rude.
So no, you wont get suspended for that or anything like that.