No rating for seller

I sold my first game and the buyer never rated me. This is frustrating. I gave him a “good” status but really wanted to give him a “neutral” status. What would you do??

Normally, the buyer rate you (the seller) first before you can rate him. The buyer has 3 days to rate you; otherwise, it will be auto-rated. If it didn’t happen this way and you think there’s an issue, contact the GF support team so they can look into it.

I know this since i sold “some” stuff.
It can hurt if you only sell some from time to time, but at least now there is the “auto rate” feature, believe me before it was much more frustrating :smiley:

I just rate all my auto rates neutral. Since its not positive or negative^^

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thata a good idea im going to start doing that as well.