I having problem with the rates some rates didn't add to my profile

I sold a few items and the buyers rate me and I rate him but didn’t get the rates in my profile can yu check that this is my code 9D8VUG ty

Since you rated him, if your rating to him is there on his profile and you don’t see his rating on yours, then the buyer probably didn’t rate.

Some people don’t rate if you ask them to. Some would reply done if you ask them to rate but infact, they did not rate.

But when I buy something I have to press I have recibe the item as described and then I have to rate him required. But my problem is I have sold this past 30 days I have 27 solds and only 15 ratings and I have sold that 27 items ty for replay

Rating is not compulsory. Yes, after you buy something, you click received item and then some people would just close the tab or screen without rating. I always rate only after the other person has rated.

As you see mine ^^^ or alot of other seller profiles, there will always be people who do not rate.

The 12 people probably did not rate.

Below are examples of my purchase and sold listing (did not rate for both yet as the other party has not rated yet)

So all that solds that buyers didn’t rate don’t add to my total ratings until have past 3 days and gameflip auto rate him or never going to be added to my total rates? Ty for replay that quick I really appreciate it. for example I have 1200rates in total I will get 1213 in 3 days?

Hello, there is no more auto rate. It has been quite some time now. Not sure about Bot trades though. Buyers and sellers must rate by themselves. If they choose not to rate, then there will be no rating but it will still show that you sold 1 item under the number of listings sold as screenshot showed above ^^

An example (my profile) VV

Buyers/sellers, within 30 days after transaction is completed will have this VVV
This will last 30 days after transaction is completed. After 30 days, both parties will no longer be able to rate each other.

OK I understand now

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