Rating and Transaction Completion Changes

Hi Flippers,

We have just rolled out changes to our rating and transaction completion system. Here’s what to expect:


Rating is now optional for both buyers and sellers.

Why? We are making improvements to the entire rating system. Even though it’s not fully rolled out yet, the new system focuses on making the users’ ratings more visible and conclusive, so buyers can get a better gauge of the sellers’ reputation prior to making a purchase. The optional rating feature is the first step to enable those changes.

Known Issues On mobile clients, sellers cannot rate buyers currently. Until the next app update, please use Gameflip.com to perform such action.

Transaction Completion

Sales proceeds are now automatically credited to the seller’s wallet after a buyer completes a transaction, so ratings are no longer necessary for sellers to receive their cash.

Why? Now that rating is optional, there’s no point in holding the sales proceeds until the buyer rates, so the simple act of completing the transaction will be enough for sellers to receive their earned cash. Note: sellers no longer have to rate buyers to receive the proceeds.

Let us know if you have questions or issues.



So, now i wont get my 30 000 score anymore :frowning: xD

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Don’t worry. The score calculation will soon change to take into consideration the positive/negative review rating, while also keeping the complete sales count.

We want to make sure that any user can understand the seller’s reputation at glance. :smile:

I would still like to rate all my buyers. Will there be an option to list all unrated transactions?


I think even if the buyer does not rate the transaction, the seller must also get points when transaction complete .

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what about changing linked PayPal account “rule”? still should have 50 feedback to change it?
because I need 4 more to change mine, I sold 2 items in past days and both of them did not rated me so it got harder to get my rating up!


Nice point! I’ll check with the team the best option regarding this situation and I’ll communicate the changes!



It’s 50 successful sales, not positive ratings. You should still get a +1 sell every time the buyer completes the transaction.