Question about the new change

I usually give the buyers who let me wait 3 days for auto rating a bad review but now after the changes they are really really lucky. :frowning:
Is there anything that can be done?

I have another question, but on this topic. I was faced with the fact that if I want to open and read reviews about the seller (especially negative reviews), then for some reason they don’t show everyone. For example, the seller has 4 negative reviews or 10 negative reviews - but I cannot read the entire history of these reviews. And there are negative reviews with a detailed description … And they can not be seen … Is it possible to fix this bug?


With the current system, nothing can be done regarding this. Remeber, the rating is now optional.

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Can you send me screenshots so i can better understand what you are facing?


Why would you rate negative someone who bought something from you? I would never buy again from you if you did that to me. They didn’t break any rule and there are numerous reasons why someone don’t want to rate for three days.

I rate every buyer positive. If transaction is auto-completed then I don’t put any comment. If they complete it fast, then I’ll leave good comment as an addition, especially if they left a comment, too.

I see this as a good behavior. They gave me and you their money after all.

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Ok. For example, I go to the seller’s page and I want to first understand - is it worth dealing with him, is it worth buying something from him?
I open a page with reviews and I want to see negative reviews. I click on them and what do I see?

6 negative reviews and they are not automatic. Buyers wrote by hand in detail what exactly happened and their recommendations not to deal with such a person.
But why not see them?

This is clearly a bug. Ok, go ahead. I click on the overall rating and scroll down.

And what do I see? Of course, here and there you can find negative reviews with a detailed description of the problems that have arisen with this seller.

I think this is a real bug. Even think logically - why do we need negative reviews with detail if they can not be found? How can you find important information about the seller or the buyer - if you can not see the negative reviews in details?
If I found a seller and I want to buy something, the first thing I look at is rating and negative reviews to avoid trouble.



thanks for sending more information about this.

I’ll check this further to see if this is a bug or it is intended to be that way.

I this is a bug I’ll request this to be fixed.

Thank you.

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Thanks a lot. I noticed more bugs and will definitely report them in relevant topics.

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Please do so.

I’m always around to verify them and report them if confirmed.

Thank you.

I totally agree with You. Here for example I have such a correspondence with the seller. And I understand that he can give me a negative review. This is unfair, I have the right to 3 days to activate the product.

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Imagine, the activation code is really not working, I opened a dispute …

Most likely this seller has a scheme. He sells and asks to immediately close the transaction with a good rating. If you close a transaction, then you risk having a redeemed code. If you expect and repay when you need within 3 days, it again puts your sold code for sale. When you activate a code, you receive an error about the canceled code and open a dispute, the seller returns the funds. This way you can get into a trap very easily and lose money and code without any insurance.