Bug found: Poor and Neutral ratings list

On a Gameflip profile If i want to see just the people that gave that profile a poor rating or a neutral rating i click those icons but the list of profiles in that category does not get displayed below. I tried using firefox and i tried using google chrome - same result.

If the reviews are too old (my guess is around 3 months ago or longer), they will not show up. It’s a known issue.

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That is correct old review doesn’t show up.

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I had this issue from the beginning, with Poor and Neutral section. The positive reviews are there to see the other ones are not. @TheFuBar

@KeyHOUSE No matter if old or new, i can’t see reviews in poor and neutral when i’m logged into a profile. I can see positive reviews even if they are 3 months old so it’s not related to time, it’s related to section.

Can you send any screenthots regarding this so we can continue to look into this further?


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@DunnBiscuit I actually have a support ticket with attached screenshot sent to support on your zendesk page Should i continue with that over there or here? It’s simple i just select “Poor” or “Neutral” on my ratings page and nothing displays under the bar.

I’m curious about something else on the same topic.
If you would rate a seller, how long would it take for the seller to rate you or is it not a requirement anymore to rate either?


Rating is optional now, whether you rate the seller (as a buyer) or rate the buyer (as a seller).

that’s not too good.
How can i prove myself as a good buyer without the ever so increasing value of my rep?
So far all greens , no grey or red :smiley:

I agree with @newbzie21 @TheFuBar if the transaction was good and completed Gameflip should auto-rate after a while. I only have 700 positive and i think my store sold 3 times more then that but i was not rated back on most of the purchases. at the end of each day i’m checking the last 50-100 transactions manually (it takes time for previous sales to be fully completed) and giving feedback to my buyers, i’m not saying i’m not enjoying it but i would rather free up some time and skip the process myself.

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