[Suggestion] limit time for leaving feedback will make the ratings more reliable

I have reasons why there should be a time limit for leaving feedback.

someone who has more than 15 poor feedbacks bought an item from my listed items about two weeks ago, somehow he/she woke up this morning and decided to write the worst review in my ratings and called me scammer and dishonest while the only thing that I said to him was “Thanks for your purchase”!!!

  1. this weird/sadistic guy is a good first reason that made me write this suggestion because I tried my best to avoid getting bad feedback until this guy came out from nowhere.

  2. may be the guy who made the purchase, thinks it was a waste of money after a month.

  3. as a result, it will make the ratings more reliable.

I think 3-5 days for leaving feedback is great, without the auto rating system.


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Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll pass it along to the team so we can see what we can do.

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