Amount of time it takes to review a purchase is unacceptable

What should take minutes takes over a day. The time I can expect a response from the help center is two to four days? You lost this customer and I can’t imagine y’all will keep or make many more. Also I hear there’s a ton of scammers here and yippy don’t protect buyers and sellers. Cancelled purchases and uninstalling the app.

Anybody know a good site or app like this one but one that actually works or does what it says it does?

Gameflip has grown exponentially in recent months and will continue to do so. Patience is required when asking for help from support as they adjust to their growing user base. There are scammers everywhere, not just on here. Gameflip has made many efforts to protect buyers such as updating the rules, including “message was sent by user, NOT Gameflip” in notifications and reminding people to NEVER rate until they have tested the item / confirmed the code is working in order details, right next to the rating button. These things require a basic elementary level comprehension of the English language and a user that actually reads before they dive into something. There’s a difference between a user and a guilible idiot. It is quite hard to protect the latter.

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I never got scammed. Never had the chance to cause it takes an eternity to purchase an item.

Have fun with this trash heap though!