The 10 dollars back weekend promotion.

Hello, i just downloaded the gameflip app and made a purchase, i know it said i was supposed to rate the seller after the purchase to receive my credits but its not giving me the option to rate the seller. Is there a glitch or am i doing something wrong?

As a current seller and featured store that has already processed orders, we must receive ratings before any payments are released to us. Our assumption is that GameFlip (much like) other online marketplaces waits until an item is received before a rating and feedback may be left. This is typically standard of most online marketplaces so buyers and sellers alike may address any problems if they arise during the course of a transaction before it is fully completed.

Just as CTS has stated, the “Rate the Seller” optiona won;t appear until the Seller has actually shipped the item. Once you receive the item and inspected it. This will be the appropriate time to rate the seller and then you’ll receive the extra Credits.