didnt receive my credit

Hi i bought a $20 listing consisting of 9 games, but i didnt receive my $5 credit after completing transaction.

Did you go to your notifications?

still don’t have it

Was the item over 20$ without fee ?


$20.00 USD

Processing Fee

$0.00 USD

Order Total

$20.00 USD

Did you rate and get rated back? Normal after that happening you go to your notifications and it say you get the credit

ah… seller hasn’t rated yet, i’ll wait for him to do so, maybe even hope that he does.

Maybe you already completed your part so maybe you need to wait. I dont think the codes ran out let.

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so if the seller doesn’t rate , i won’t get the credits?

Hambug I say !

I’m not sure. I normally got my after I rated the seller. It would pop up in my notification that I got my credit.

A. You may of got it you just need to check your credit.
B. The limited quality ran out.
C. There was a error and you need gameflip to look into it.

Its ones of these 3.

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and i got it
notification came through :slight_smile:

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damn the seller has rated me but i have not received my credits

I revert back to what @CidxLucy says

patience is the key

ehhh it has been 36 hours since i bought the games… still being patient here :slight_smile:

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