Sellers not shipping items, and not receiving credits because of it...

So far every weekend a promotion has been running since the launch of this app I have made a purchase and never received free credits because a seller didn’t ship the item. I’m being honest here when I say my successful purchase rate is about 25% for 8 purchase transactions. Patiently waiting 6+ days to get a refund and then receiving no credit is a kind of disheartening. I end up being punished for the other persons failure to hold up their end of the deal.

If I had known there would be so many issues, I would have just made a different purchase. This has happened everyone of the last three weekends in a row, and still no joy. I know you guys can’t control if a seller ships an item. Missing out on around $50 in free credits then patiently waiting a week just to get my money back when I held up my end of the deal is a little bit frustrating. Especially 3 weeks in a row.

I’ll gladly make $50 in purchases right now if you guys are willing to rectify this in good faith. I’ve already made well over $50 in purchases to date counting only the successful ones. If the answer is simply just wait for next time I’d feel a little left out because this is 3 weekends in a row I’ve tried to participate, only to be let down because of the other party… :pensive:

I know what you mean, same thing happened to me on the last promotion (sigh)

Actually same thing happened to me all three times as well, so I feel your pain, what also stinks is I really want to play Witcher 3 which I’ve now purchased 4 separate times and have not yet received.

that sucks. i feel all your guys pain. ive had several of those as well. Sometimes i make 2 purchases just in case. though it normally only counts for the 1st purchase.