I really am getting tired of cancelling orders

This is the third time the seller has left me scratching my head as to whether or not the deal’s gonna fall through.

How long is the waiting period for order cancelation again?

72 hours past the promised shipping date so usually close to a week.

I feel ya, I have more cancelled orders than completed ones and each time missed out on credits. My succesful buy % is about 20% completed and 80% were never shipped or defective. So far 0 orders from day 1 of launch when credits back were offered were actually shipped. Feeling both bummed and screwed on that front.

Pretty disappointing when you realize how much scammers and fraudulent transactions racked up in free stuff. Just watching people pre-mass ban (which killed legit accounts) I saw some people easily walk with hundreds of dollars in free stuff while the legit users got screwed. At least you got the awesome Batman PS4. :+1:

I’m waiting on a seller to ship right now as well (it’s day 4 now), but I’ve had a pretty good success rate overall.

A PS4 is almost useless if you can’t buy games for it :laughing:

You never know. You could win some credits this time around and use them to buy games. Lol.

What I mean is I can’t buy games if all of the sellers cancel on me! :laughing:

Ah yes. This is true. I again had to lose out on a free credit promo. So far I have missed 100% of them since the launch of this app. Major bummer…