scammed over a ps4

I thought it was too good to be true and i should have known better. A kid posted a ps4 1tb for 200 on the app, i told him id give him 180 right away if he dropped the price. after buying the ps4 he marked it shipped within 3 minutes with a fake tracking number and asked me to accept the item and give him positive feedback without getting the ps4. also the picture of the ps4 was for a 500gb not a 1tb. He stopped talking to me after i asked him if he really shipped it out and to update the tracking number. I just want a refund!! i opened a ticket, i have 40 positive reviews buying and selling with 0 negative. im honest on the app and expect others to be as well! i just want my money back, im moving friday and need this money back if im not getting the ps4. I opened a ticket yesterday and have not heard back!

Never review a item till you received it and inspected it

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I’m sorry to hear about this, and just want to re-ensure that you should never rate the Seller until you have received the item. If you do not rate the Seller, then we can easily refund you. As well as make sure to put the transaction On Hold and we’ll be able to review the exchange and also take the appropriate actions with the Seller.