Ripped off $500????

I sold a PlayStation 4 with some games and I shipped it via USPS with tracking. Everything was smooth until yesterday I saw my listing and it said transaction cancelled due to non shipment! I called USPS and it turns out it had been delivered that same morning! I already tried contacting Gameflip via email…they said they would give me my money and even a $2 credit for the inconvenience so I sent them my invite code. That was yesterday afternoon and I’m still dealing with this issue. I even text the buyer and she confirmed that she had it and never made a refund. So I’m lost! Please if anyone is experiencing this issue or if it has already been solved for you let me know how long this process takes because I’m getting worried that I’ll get ripped off $500.

Seems to be the same case as here:

Have you contacted us through the app yet? I bet our team is looking into it, but make sure to send a ticket if you’re concerned.

I have they told me they’d give me the money. But earlier today I received an email and now it says that my listing got shipped and delivered and it’s waiting for the buyer to finalize the transaction. But when I go look at the listing it still says transaction cancelled. So I’m confused now??

Man I really hope this works out for you, dude. Good luck with this mess!

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The message you received is an automated one, which is completely different than our support one.
Sorry about the confusion, but the automated goes whenever the carrier delivers and it’s a standard message. Your case is not a standard one, as I can see. Our team will be there for you, don’t worry.

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Thank you so much man.

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