I may have been ripped off $288

So I just sold my Xbox one for $320 after commissions I’m making $288. Someone bought it and I sent it with tracking. I looked today and it said it was at the persons doorstep but the “transaction cancelled” came up. I’ve already contacted gameflip but they take forever to respond. Will I get money or just get robbed of $288 and a perfectly good Xbox one?

Never mind I got my money :slight_smile:

Hey bro I had the same exact issue happen to me. How did it get resolved because they still haven’t done anything for me yet.

I just contacted them really quick and told them my issue. They said that there fraud alert system triggered and the money would be mine.

So you got paid already? Like does it show in your cash balance?

Hey guys,

We’ve implemented some really powerful tools to bust fraud on Gameflip.

The fraud detection system can be triggered after a purchase attempt using a stolen card or even when someone purchase/sell items in a suspicious behavior. These suspicious behaviors are based of millions of purchases made across many websites and marketplaces.

When you sell something and the buyer pays using stolen cards - not your fault - the system can suspend the fraudulent user and cancel the transaction. In this case, our Fraud Team gets a notification and starts working on the case.

So if you got an item sold and cancelled because of fraud, don’t worry. We will cover you!
You just need to make sure to use tracking when shipping an item. That’s the ultimate confirmation that your sold item got shipped, so we can proceed paying you as if the transaction was a legit one. Capeesh?

Whenever you guys face issues like these, please contact us directly via the Gameflip app at Menu > Help > Contact Center. Our Help Team will be there to support you!


And here’s a laser raptor, our symbol to fight fraud :smile:


Thanks alot man that just put my mind more at ease… I think I’ll be able to sleep tonight lol.

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