Gameflip stole my money I want it back

I purchased. Black ops 4 for the xb1 and the code was already redeemed so the seller wasn’t help so I opened a dispute so a few emails were sent back and forth and I sent proof then gameflip goes radio silent for weeks then I email them again and they complete my purchase for me! So I paid 42 dollars for absolutely no reason seeing as how I got nothing for it. Also during this time ive been logging in to the site and had no notifications or anything then all of a sudden a notification pops up saying they completed the transaction for me and have sent me a message a couple of days ago asking for more info. How was I supposed to know they sent me a message when there was no indication whatsoever I had a message waiting? On top of going radio silent on emails for weeks! I want my money back I dont have free money to give out!

Im going through something similiar. on my situation the code had an error code so i sent seller a message about that code than of a sudden i get a notification that gameflip had canceled my order and that i got a full refund refunded back to my bank account its been 5 days and i checked my bank statements and it now says transaction has been completed

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Did you get your refund? Because I didn’t

@DarkKnight @MajorTom you should take a look in this case

As of right now no i havent. i sent a ticket but i guess it takes them 1-2 bussiness days to respond, which to me is kinda bs. they should really have a customer service phone number, because all this isnt right. Gameflip when are you going to resolve our situation

I wouldn’t count on 1 to 2 days try weeks! And check your notifications because I had no indication they messaged me because there was no red dot indicating to me they sent me a message! But I tell you when they closed my ticket there sure was a red dot indicating they sent me a message for that! Especially since the main way they communicated before was through email then they just stopped responding to email! They are shady and slimy and tricky. I hope you get your money back let me know if you do.

The notifications on the site (Gameflip) are not linked with the support site (Zendesk), so you will have to check Zendesk or your email for communications relating to support. When you open the dispute, did you also click on the “Escalate” button, which will stop the transaction from auto-completing.

@MWilson84 @Carlos_Miranda
For the forum moderator to help you, they will need your profile code or Order ID. If you opened a support ticket then please post the ticket number.

Thanks for the heads up I’ll be checking periodically for notifications. I’ll let you know what happens


As galacticarm said, could you please let me know your profile code so I can further investigate the issue?

Also Carlos_Miranda, be careful with the language you use while writing a post to us. Just let me know your profile code and ticket number and I will check it for you.

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My profile code is ECY5KA

Yes I did escalate the issue but it was closwd because they said I did not respond to their messages. Whenever I logged in there was no indication on my notifications that I received a message. It was only when they closed the case did a red dot appear showing I haf a notification. And on top of that I hadn’t received an email from support for weeks! When that was the primary mode of communications

@galacticarm my profile code is F26TRG and my support ticket is 466864

@MajorTom what language did i use, i dont recall using bad words

@MajorTom Do you have any updates please

@MWilson84 Looks like we have sent some emails to you (not a notification) asking for more evidence in this case, but we didn’t receive any. Please check your inbox/spam folder.

@Carlos_Miranda The transaction is marked as rescinded from our side. It was canceled to protect you (since the seller was banned), and we already told you in the ticket that you will receive the money in approximately 3–10 business days (3 days has passed so far).

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Major Tom I’m telling you I haven’t revieved and emails from gameflip not in my spam folder or inbox or I would have responded I just want my money back

@MWilson84 I have just sent you another email. Please send us all the evidence as requested.

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