Gameflip scammed me out of ~$50 CAD

I recently attempted to order a game on gameflip via coordinated transfer with a prepaid card. They seller did not have the code and cancelled the order. The problem with the prepaid card was that it’s non-rechargable, so I couldn’t get my balance back on that card. I sent a support ticket asking if I could get a refund sent to my PayPal instead and they said no. Gameflip never stated in anywhere in their Terms of Service or Refund policies that I am not able to get a transfer of balance. Can I please get some help?

EDIT: I was told to put my invite code here so it’s “VF8BZM”

All refunds will be made in the exact amount and payment method the original transaction was processed. Please see the following FAQ article for more information on how refunds work.

Did you know beforehand that your card is non-rechargeable? You still have $50 in your Gameflip wallet which you can use to buy other things, so it’s not like the $50 disappeared. If a moderator can help your case, they will need your invite code posted here.

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Yes, I knew that card was non-rechargable, however I paid with the card directly. I also do not have any money from that purchase in my Gameflip account.

Hey, I just checked your case, and indeed that is nothing we can do, since the purchase will be refunded to the card you used. You mat contact the card company and see if they can do anything about it.


Isn’t that theft by the US law? As you just keep the money. I also wouldn’t have gotten into this mess if you stated in your rules and policies that I couldn’t get my money back.

Taking the subject via PM as I need to share with you some private information about your charge.

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@op_JOkEr, please add me to the conversation as well, thanks!

It is indeed fraud the guy suspended my account with 80 bucks in my wallet and it doesnt look like i will be getting hands on that anytime soon he replies every day if he can be bothered and doesnt answer my questions asked.