$4 in credits "missing"

Hello, I recently went to purchase an item for $50 to use my $4 in credits from a previous seller promotion in addition to a 20% off promotion code I received via text. On the checkout page the discounts were applied properly lowering the item to $40 with the 20% off then to $36 with the $4 credit. However, now as I am in the “Wait for Deilvery” phase the order total has returned to $40 and my credits are no longer appearing on my wallet page and they have not expired (I had over 5 hours left to use and they have not expired on the credits page). I was hoping someone could fix this situation for my account. I was checking out via Google Chrome Web Page if that matters and KGUJ7X is my referral code. Thank you.


Please, contact the support team at https://gameflip.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
if you haven’t so already.

They will answer you in two business days. If, after this time passed, and you don’t have any answer. please, PM me and send me your ticket number.

Thank you.

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