i bought item worth 40$ and still did not receive the 4$ as promised

Profile code=LRUU9Z

Order id=8495fdba-eb53-44f3-825a-ab8a810c4997

i dint get the 4$ after buying 40$ worth of item so kindly help me out

i dint get any notification or email about that 4$ credit so its kinda buggy


Have you tried checking your wallets page in the Credits section? I think they changed how the promos work as I have qualified for 2 recently and did not receive notifications I need to open in the past. The credit was just added automatically and applied whenever I attempted to check out. Sorry if you already checked there, just thought I might suggest it as I was worried about missing one and found the credit already there.

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can someone tag the mods here , they can easily sought your issue

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Did you click the notification to redeem the credits? I don’t think it’s automatically added

there was no notification or anything , i dint even get any email about it , normally u get a notification about redeem 4$ robot promo but i dint get anything at all , that’s why i think its a bug.

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This has happened to me the last two promos as well…
Honestly feel like its designed to be this way lol. It’s too much of a pain in the ■■■ to get support so people probably just give up

Hello lucifer252!

Sorry for any inconvenience regarding this.

We have verified your issue and will be issuing the missing promotional credits soon.

God speed!

:trident: New forum moderators!

Order ID 6bded257-7277-496d-9f0d-e2908d54f1b0

Also didn’t receive the promo $4

Order was for $75.99

Please verify

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