promotional issue again

i m facing the issue right even though promotion is still active , bought an item for 20$ and still dint get the 2$ promotional reward @MajorTom

Profile code=FBPSDJ

order id=73cdb2f2-eab7-4a03-b23c-d8cfcbba528c

kindly help me out on my issue sir

@MajorTom I have the same issue. Bought an item for $36 order # 14f0360a-1d9c-4195-b011-ac3378de9ae6 but no credit shows on my account. Profile NQEU92.

you should check the notification bar
it should pop out, then press on it you’ll get the credits

It didn’t work. :frowning_face:

@MajorTom I got $2 credit today after I completed a pending transaction. No action is needed for my account. Thanks!


For those facing this kind of issue, please do as MarioZ has mentioned and check your notifications. You need to click on it in order to receive the credits.

i dint get any notification thats why i contacted u sir as soon as possible

no email and no notification

have you completed the transaction? I bought two items which met the criteria but i didn’t complete one of them immediately. When I completed it yesterday I got the credit.

yeah transaction is also completed still i dint get the credit , i got the email about ur purchase is complete but no notification or email about credit , i checked all details correctly

Oh ok than @MajorTom need to look at your case. Thanks!

sir its been more than 5 days and i double checked everything kindly help me out on this issue

Profile code=FBPSDJ

order id=73cdb2f2-eab7-4a03-b23c-d8cfcbba528c

@MajorTom sir kindly check my issue

i have the same issue ,i just bought an item worth 45$ still dint get the 3$ credit

My Profile id and order ids are mentioned below

4f72f0dd-cc9e-415b-a4ca-62880b4e411e=order id

LRUU9Z=profile id

@MajorTom kindly check it faster sir and also the promotion is still active

@Maulik_Pandya @lucifer252

By looking at your accounts, I can see that both accounts are from the same person (maulik pandya), including the third account that you have used to contact me via PM.

Are you telling me that you’re facing the same issue with all 3 accounts?

@MajorTom please check your messages i texted you

@Athena Will do asap.

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no sir , on 1 account its for the last promotion and on other 2 accounts its for the latest 3$ promotion


Could you please open a ticket regarding this issue using the link below?

Thank you.