Did not receive $5 credit for September Autumn Flash Promo

Hey everyone. I made a qualifying purchase of well over $50 but I still did not receive the $5 credit offered by the September Flash promo. This purchase was made almost 24 hours ago, and I don’t know if the $5 credit to be deposited into your wallet is supposed to be an automated action triggered immediately after the order is completed or something that happens during business hours Monday thru Friday due to someone having to oversee it and manually approve it?

If it was supposed to be an automated action, can someone help me finally receive the $5 credit? Can someone help me either way? I have already submitted a ticket too.

@DarkKnight and @MajorTom could you possibly help

Much appreciated!

P.S. I’m new to participating in these credit promos.

Sorry I forgot to give the Order ID for the order that qualifies and what I guess would be called my ‘invite’ code?

Order ID: 53a8dfd1-2ca2-4e86-908e-858592cb18f2

My code: QLUPWF

After I rated it popped up in my notifications I had to activate the notification for it. Showed up in my wallet right after. I’m on the app. I think notifications are messed up on website.

Hey @RussXB1 thanks for the response. Yeah I’m not using the app, just the website. I got nothing after I did the rating, no notification. I haven’t got a response yet either for the ticket, and they’ve already put up a new promo lol. Pretty much the same promo as the last one, just different name. I could have made a chain of good purchases too had the credit come in promptly, from the first promo, lol.

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Sorry to hear. Ya quite a few ppl not getting notifications on the website and even the app. Just a matter of time before it hits me. Such great timing that it would do this right when theirs a good promo up too. Hopefully they acknowledge this soon n make good on it for all effected.

Hello nexus,

I will check this and if this is the case, the credits will be added into your account.

Hello Majortom, I appreciate the help, got the credit today! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey again RussXB1, with the promo credit notification thing not being completely stable yet maybe it’s a good idea to make sure that we as the buyer are mentally satisfied with the discounts given on the listings we go for, thinking of them as standalones with no rewards following, just in case the promotional credits don’t come through or are late in coming through :thinking:

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You make a good point

Did not get my 5 dollars in credit to