BUYER PROMO: End of Summer Sale

BUYER PROMO: End of Summer Promo

Promotion Date: Aug 11th - Sep 22nd

To celebrate our rapid growth to 1 million community members, we are giving each of you $5 in Credits with your next purchase of any item that is $25 or more! Click the link below for more information and restrictions.


Hi I made a purchase over $25 but never received a $5 credit notification. There’s an item I’d like to use the credit for but am worried it will run out before I receive the credit. Please help!

I too made a purchase over $25, and saw this credit show up today, so maybe it takes about 24 hours.

Please make sure that the item has been rated and completed before the Credits notification will show. As well as the promo will be tied to the first purchase you made within the time frame of the promo. If you still feel that you did not receive the Credits for a qualified purchase, please contact Support and we’ll be able to look into your account and better assist you.