BUYER PROMO: Black Friday Sale

BUYER PROMO: Black Friday Sale

Black Friday is almost here! To celebrate, we’re giving back $5 in Credits with any purchase over $15. Limited quantities available, make sure you don’t miss out! Full details are below:

Start Time: 11/24 Thu. 4pm (PST)
End Time: 11/27 Sun. 10pm (PST)
Reward: $5 Credits
Minimum Price for Eligibility: $15
Account Limit: 1 per
Promo Max Usage: 200 users


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how many usage for this promo is available for now?

how can i retrieve my 5$??? i bought a 17$ item??? i got the item but the 5 $ refund doesnt show up

If you haven’t done so already, please contact Support so we can look into your acocunt and let you know what may be the issue.