Rating Seller and Getting Promotion Credit

I was wondering if you have to rate the seller by a certain time after you have bought something off the app during a promotion. I would get $20 in the app from a game, I bought yesterday, but I dont want rate the seller until I know I want to use the credit, which could be a while. Can I wait as long as I want and still get the $20 in-app credit?

Yes! As long as the purchase is made within the promotion period, you’re in our queue to get the Credits.

We set it up like this in order to ensure that the purchase was a real one. As always, please do not rate the seller until you’ve received your item and ensured that it is as described and you are satisfied! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

When someone buys a product with some credits, does the seller have a week to use those credits as well?

Actually, when someone buys a product with Credits, the Seller still receives Cash :innocent: It would’ve be fair to the Seller if they received Credits (what if they didn’t want Credits y’know)

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That’s awesome! Thank you very much for helping me with the questions!

I understand this, but, don’t you guys lose to much money on credits when you transform then to cash for the seller?

And what happens with credit refunds?, how does this work?

I cannot disclose the answer to your first question :sweat_smile: This is a common mobile marketplace strategy. Mobile marketplaces like Poshmark and Mercari do the same thing and they’re still around.

When you buy an item and have the purchase refunded, you are refunded what you paid and how you paid it.

For example, if you bought a game that was $30 and have $15 in Credits and $5 in cash, then Gameflip will automatically take the $15 Credits and $5 Cash, then charge the remaining $10 to your credit card. If you refund this order, you will receive the $15 in Credits, $5 in cash, and $10 charge on your credit card back.

I would assume it’s sort of like incentivizing economical stimulation (getting people to buy things by making them happy)

How many things would you of bought had it not been for credits, or credit promotions? How likely would you’ve been to stick with Gameflip had it not been for credits?

Take Papa John’s “Papa Rewards” membership (of which I am a proud member) it costs nothing but you get tons of promotions. Why do they do this? They know that if you are happy you’ll come back.

One in the hand is worth two in the bush.

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