Can you get in on the $20 back promotion if you pay in just credits?

I was just wondering this

That’s actually a really good question. I would assume the answer is no but it never hurts to ask. As far as I know the app defaults the method of payment and can’t really be changed much. I know the app won’t let me charge my credit card if I have a positive cash balance on my Gameflip account, not that I’d really want to anyway.

I’m assuming using any cash balance or CC would qualify for the $20 back but as far as credits not a clue because I haven’t used them.

Even better question, I used credits AND a credit card, what now?

(The majority was on the card)

I’m sure they only give you a credit for every single real dollar you pay with. It would be foolish if they gave you more credits for the credits you have just used to pay for an item. lol

Makes enough sense, I guess we’ll find out when I get a chance to rate the seller

Yes! You can take part in our promotion even if you just use Credits.

EDIT: I forgot to add but this should apply to all future purchases unless stated otherwise. Besides, there’s no way to manually allocate how your money is spent on an item anyway, so it’d be unfair if we placed a limitation like this, since in that case, users with Credits are unable to participate given the design of Gameflip.

Alright good, I was afraid I’d missed out