Tips on Gameflip Credits

Hey everyone I just put together a few simple tips and suggestions when getting/ using credits on Gameflip.
As you all know every once in a while Gameflip will do promos where you earn credits back on your purchases ( either up to $5, or up to $10 back promos)

#1 When you see the promo available take advantage of it.
Gameflip doesn’t always do their promos but when they do they are giving back to us, the community.
Follow the instructions/ requirements before your purchase.
Make sure the promotion time is still available and the quantity left is still available.
#2 after the purchase has been made.
Wait for your item(s) to be received by you and when you are ready to rate the item(s) than rate to complete the transaction.
#3 After the transaction has been completed ( rated by you) you will receive a notification to Tap this notification to redeem the amount of credits you received.
You will also receive an email by Gameflip that you have credits waiting for you.
Tap so you can get the credits available.
#4 Credits expiration date.
Once you rate the transaction and you receive the notification that you have credits available that is when the timer starts before your credits expire.
The average time frame for expiration is normally 3 days.

Please make sure you use your credits before they expire.
Once they expire they are gone forever.
you cant get them back so please make sure you use them before you lose them.
( i recently lost my $9 in credits because i was a few hours late ( due to work and sleep so hardly any time to use my credits i had.)
But it is what it is. I am mainly doing this for all to know so you don’t lose out on your credits.

#5 Suggestions
My suggestion is once you receive credits try to either use it right away.
( find something to buy while you are waiting so when you receive your credits you already know what to buy.)

Or have a plan to buy something within the first or second day after receiving them.

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I remember when I first got the app, I had actually gotten my brother to join so I could get the credit at the same time, but I ended up losing it when I wasn’t able to pay for anything with it. Shame really. To this day, I still add people but I never get enough people to join at once for the credits XD

why couldn’t you use it? was it the $2 credit time and there’s nothing for $2 lol?
And yeah i don’t really bother anymore i already reached my 5 person limit and the ones i do invite don’t buy anything so i make nothing for inviting them and nothing for them buying anything all because my limit was reached lol. Its all good though.

No, it was when this app first started, when it started at $5 an invite. Sadly, nobody would sell anything that low that I was interested in.

i loved the $5 promotion time lol.
And ahh well thats when you spend your money lol.