Buying and Selling Digital Items on Gameflip


Hello everyone, as I mentioned the other day I wanted to do a Tip for buying and selling digital items on Gameflip.
So for everyone who hasn’t yet sold anything yet or has been selling/ buying but wants more information here you go.


Before buying a digital item or items please read the description and title.
Make sure you know what you are buying ( if it is a full game, if it is an Episode or a season of a game, If its a season pass, if its DLC codes, or random steam keys.)
If you ever have questions ask the seller BEFORE purchasing.

#1 Read the title and description before purchase.
#2 Make sure you know when it will be sent ( how it will be sent), and if it has any restrictions.
#3 If you like what is being sold then purchase the item.
#4 If you purchased a digital Item that is sent automatically then dont worry you will receive an email from Gameflip shortly with your code inside the email.
Please make sure your email address is current and you have access to it so you can receive gameflips emails.
#5 if you ordered multiple codes it may come in 2 forms. They can all come in from the email if the seller chooses to add all inside the email. or they can send the 1 by the email and the rest in Gameflip messaging.
The seller or you the buyer may be able to send codes through other ways such as personal email or facebook messaging, but for the best results and safer transaction ( without giving out personal information then please stick to gameflip messaging ( especially if a problem should arise.)
If a problem does arise while sending codes through facebook or personal email then take pictures to show gameflip. But as I stated prefer sticking to gameflip messaging. I don’t prefer or condone any outside transactions for contact information.

#6 Once you receive your code(s) and have tried them out/ redeemed them please don’t forget to rate your seller. With digital codes there is no 24 hour wait time you can rate and complete the transaction as soon as you receive your item(s).

#7 Enjoy your game(s) and have fun. Again if any problem should arise during the transaction please contact gameflip in the help center.

Selling Digital Items on Gameflip.

Before Selling on Gameflip please make sure that your code or codes are ACTIVE and redeemable. Nothing ruins a transaction more than having an invalid or used code.

#1 When selling codes please make sure that the Title and Description are as accurate as possible. And truthful.
#2 If the code is for a game, a DLC code, episode or season, season pass, xbox live code, psn code please make sure it is known what the customer is buying.
#3 If there is any restrictions please list them.
#4 Choose your delivery method. Choose how long it will take for you to deliver the code. 1-3 days.
OR choose automatic delivery so the code will be sent automatically to the buyer.
#5 When sending the code or codes you have 2 choices. Either send 1 or all through the gameflip send key code bar. ( use spaces or commas to seperate multiple codes.) Or send the 1st code via gameflip then send the rest through the gameflip messaging system.
#6 Once you have sent ALL the codes to your buyer let them know that all have been sent and when they are ready to rate they will complete the transaction.

When selling codes please be mindful and try not to seem to pushy when asking to complete the transaction. saying " rate me please" or “please rate” or "you got your codes now dont forget to rate"
it sounds kind of pushy.
What i normally say is " Hey all codes have been sent. when you have redeemed or tested all your codes dont forget to rate to complete the transaction. Thanks again for your purchase."
Sounds much nicer and not pushy.

Hope this helps all in buying and selling digital items on Gameflip.
Any questions please ask me ill be checking Daily.


sorry for delay for those who read earlier i accidently clicked send when it wasnt finished. It is now finished so read on ahead thanks


What if buyer redeems code then says it came used in order to get a refund


Hi sorry for the delay i had to work.
That is always a possibility that it can happen. The best defense is to just show proof of when you bought the code and to make sure it was inputed correctly.
( kind of hard on that one though.)


How do you sell digital based games? Im interested. This probably not the right location to post this but I was just wondering.


Hi MekkaChyld, this seems like the most appropriate section for asking that question. ( not much on digital yet).
But basically in order to sell Digital items is
#1 Make sure you OWN the item or items.
#2 Make sure that the item is a code or a key.
Thats the only way to get the license over to the buyer.
#3 make sure the codes work before selling them on gameflip.
If the items dont work or the codes have been used then obviously you cant sell them as it can be scammy. and you will be terminated from the app ( most likely.)
#4 If you have the code or key that is REGION locked or has a certain spot where you cant unlock the code or play there then PLEASE list it so buyers know where they cant play it at.
hope this helps


What if someone used the keys on their account then put the code in an alt account, or using someone else (family/friends, etc.) on steam for “proof” (lie about it)?


1 transaction the buyer tried to scam me I sold him two digital codes in two separate transactions one he rated the other he did not after few days he opened dispute, then closed, then reopened now I’m jus sitting he out of a code but still do not have my money, second I bought 2k and the owner has not responded going on 3 days