Tips on When you'll receive your Digital Item./ selling digital

This will be a much needed add on for buying and selling Digital items on Gameflip.

#1 Buying Digital Items
when buying a digital item before you buy check out the sellers reviews. That is always a good indicator.
Check how many items the seller has listed/ ratings. Be cautious of new sellers with 1-2 items listed and a HIGH price on that 1-2 items. ( of course it does not automatically mean they are scammers but just be cautious every step of the way.)
If they only have 1-2 items listed on their page and are cheap small items ( less than 10) its most likely they are a new seller but converse with them before your purchase.

#2 How long will it take to receive my Digital Item/game?
If you haven’t already seen on the page ( right below the item description It will show when the item(s) or games will be sent to you.
There 1 of 4 choices that will be displayed. Seller sends:
#1 Automatic Delivery:
Once you make your purchase the item will be sent Automatically to you right away.
You will receive an Email from Gameflip with your code ready to be used. ( please make sure your email address is current.)
This means that the seller will send you the code or codes in 1 day or less.
#3 SELLER SENDS 2 days
This means the seller will send you the code or codes in 2 days or less.
#4 SELLER SENDS 3 days
This is the maximum. meaning the seller will send you the code or codes in 3 days or less.

If you need the game right away or within 1 day please contact the seller before purchase and ask them when they can send or when they are available.
Of course the best option is automatic delivery but not all listings will have it.
Please BUYERS also pay attention to see if it is region locked to your country before purchase. ( if not in the USA.)

When listing your digital items for sale make sure you check a few things.
#1 Region Locked games
make sure you game is not region locked or that it is DRM free.
If it is locked please include which countries are not included. ( the list can sometimes be long with up to 20 countries i know. It can be a pain to add all of them.
In preperation for that heres 1 way to go around it until a buyer has questions.
#1a In the region locked section just type in
(USA free but about 20 countries are Region locked. If not in the US please message me.)
If the buyer purchases without asking first please ask them what country are you in to make sure they are not in a region locked area where they cant play the game.
#2 choosing when to send your code(s)
You have a few options as listed above ^
Automatic delivery ( must enter in Correct code so once your item is bought it is Automatically sent to the buyer ( fastest transaction)
You dont have to sit and type in the code again ( or even have a conversation with the buyer ( if your not talkative) But always prefer conversation.
Send in 1 day, 2 days, or 3 days.
But the sooner you provides keys the faster you get paid.
Choose what works best for you.

#3 When do i get paid?
Digital sales are a lot different than normal sales on Gameflip.

1. When do i get paid? this is determined in when you chose your delivery method.
Remember: The buyer has already paid for the key code. But Gameflip holds it until the transaction is complete.
If you chose Automatic Delivery the code will be sent* immediately* to the buyer. Once the buyer receives the code and enters it they can rate right there and then and you get paid in less than 5 minutes. ( not every person does so right away so please wait until they are ready to rate.)

If you chose a later date to send please send as soon as possible. After you send give time for the buyer to rate you.
Please remember they have 3 days to inspect then rate you.

Thanks guys hope this helps you all.
any questions please let me know.

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Wait, if the buyer gets their item and then doesn’t rate what happens?

hi supermoger. thank you for the great question.
once the seller sends the buyer the codes a timer goes off. the buyer has exactly 3 days to rate you.
after that 3 days is up you are able to complete the transaction yourself. then youll get paid. ive had to do it a few times myself.

And how about if you send stuff to someone, but don’t purchase tracking for it and they claim they didn’t get it even if they did just to be reimbursed? Are you just screwed over or is there something you can do?

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hey SuperMoger i am so sorry for the late reply. I have just been so busy with work.
In all honestly i have no idea what will happen as i have never run in to this problem as of yet.
But i believe as long as your in the right and provided the right code(s) and if you can show documentation where you bought it from then there should be no problem in you being able to receive your money back.
It will of course vary on every transaction. As you never know if the buyer generally did not receive the correct formatted code or is region locked.
And lastly if they are trying to get free digital games by claiming that they never got it or that it worked
That is something for gameflip to decide.
So always be sure to contact them and let them do what they do best,
You should be covered in the Gameflip seller guarantee.

Need to add if you buy on the weekend don’t expect them til Monday cuz that’s when they phone it in on support and launch promos at the same time.

what do you mean bud? can you elaborate a bit more please

Every purchase I’ve made on the weekend that’s been digital has went under review until someone was actually there to look at it. So if I bought it Friday night for the weekend. I didn’t get it til the weekend was over.

well at least now we know the reason for it.

Lol… I literally have 12 orders under review.

jesus man thats terrible. please refer to my other comment on the other listing lol

Do you know how to get rid of it being under review?

Hi Kippy, sorry the only way for it to dissapear is for the Gameflip SUpport team to look into your profile, the sellers profile, and the transaction(s) in question. They are just making sure there is no fraud or scamming going on between both sellers and buyers. Sometimes it just depends on the sellers buying patterns and how much they spend etc. Just be patient and they will get to it as soon as they can. normally 2-5 BUSINESS days.
hope this helps.