how well does preorder exclusive dlc sell on here and are there

Aunction and how safe Is it to sell digital stuff

It depends on the game and how hyped people are for the game.
But generally people who didnt preorder will buy it.
I don’t understand what the first part was that you said.
but it is pretty safe to sell digitally.
The person has to pay for the digital item first before they can receive the code(s)
then you have to send it to them.
Then after receiving they have 3 days to rate or you will be able to auto-complete the transaction and the funds will be inside your gameflip account.

If something should arise as ( the buyer says it doesnt work or its not valid) Contact Gameflip Help right away with a ticket. It could either be you sold them a used key code or have accidently typed in a wrong number or letter ( so always confirm before sending to the buyer.)
The 2nd reason could be that the buyer has either input it wrong themselves so it shows as invalid or used. Or they could be trying to scam you but in that case please contact gameflip. ( if you can provide pictures of the item where you got your code or it being unused before the transaction then please send them the pictures so they can review it.)

but generally it really is safe. i havent had any problems selling or buying digital codes yet.

What if buyer uses code then says code didn’t work to get refund

Hey knikag107, i just finished making a tips and tricks post about buying and selling digital items on gameflip so please read it as i do explain that a little bit.
heres the link for faster surfing.