Gameflip Credits: How To Earn and Use Them

What’s up Gameflip?!

Today I bring you some nice tips on how to earn and use Gameflip Credits. Let’s start!

Gameflip Credits: What Is that?!

Gameflip Credits work on Gameflip like any dollar would. You use it to buy stuff.

$1 in Gameflip Credits equals $1 USD that you can spend on anything you would like in our marketplace.

A more comprehensive article about the Gameflip Credits system can be found in our FAQs. Click here.

How to Earn Gameflip Credits?

  • Participating into Gameflip Promotions
  • Inviting Friends to try the app

Gameflip Promotions That Give Out Credits

Among many, the most common promotions that give out Credits are raffles and in-app promotions. Stay alert for push notifications in your phone and for the banners that appear in the Home Screen. For example:

This promotion is running until the end of February and we give you $10 back from your first purchase within the promotion period. Check the app for more information.

How to Invite a Friend?

You can find this screen under Menu > Invite Friends to Earn Credits > Invite Friends This is the code you must share with your friends to be eligible for this promotion. They will have to input that code into the fields shown below when registering for Gameflip.

Do Credits Expire?

Yes, they do and you should use them before it happens! :smile:
In order to know when your Credits will expire, go to the app and pull the Menu > Balance > Credit Balance.
Here’s an example of what you will see:


Feel free to respond to this thread with your questions about the Gameflip Credits :thumbsup:

Have a great day!


very helpful for new people :slight_smile: good work.

Is there any way i could buy credits ?
Is the only way to get credits is by promotions?

Unfortunately you cannot buy Credits. These are only used for promotional currency. You can either sell items and in turn use your Cash Balance to purchase, or buy items with a Credit Card and PayPal.

thats an interesting concept but it wont be added on lol. it could be a liability issue i think.

can i unlink a steam account, because I linked my steam account to my wrong gameflip account.

No, you can’t unlink a Steam account. See more info about your account on our FAQ

Where to find that? Thus it required an apps in mobile? Give me somr link to download